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Linda Young

Linda Young

Financial Consultant - Young Wealth Management

Idea woman, artist, gardener, value engineer extraordinaire and Founder and President of Young Wealth Management Group, Inc., Linda Young can hold her own with a table saw and read a balance sheet.  1-part Executive, 2 parts Entrepreneur, 3 parts Craftsperson. Too many parts?  Her business talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more while enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree before leaving small town Texas behind and heading to Dallas. After a few twists and turns at other ventures, Linda’s talents lead her to start her own promotional marketing agency, and now she has spent over two decades in the what she says is her true calling, the Financial Services Industry.

At Young Wealth Management Group, Inc. (Services offered through Summit X, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser), providing financial planning, securities and investment management, Linda’s expertise is working with high net worth Individuals, as well as small to medium-sized businesses. She works with a team of industry professionals to coordinate a complete financial wellness program for her clients. This includes financial planning, wealth accumulation and estate planning, income taxation, life and long-term care insurance, business taxation and planning, investments and retirement planning. 

Linda’s talents are not limited to the Financial business, she has won two first place ribbons from the State Fair of Texas, was voted  Best Dressed and Class Clown Senior Year Nederland High School, was on the covers of Time, US News, and Life (she was an extra in the movie “JFK”), she was the headliner for John Denver (you’ll have to ask her about that one), she was on the cover of Dallas Discover Magazine (again, you’ll have to ask her).  Linda loves travel (mostly to Italy), and experiencing other cultures.  She can be found on any weekend hanging out with friends, exploring new restaurants, revisiting favorite familiar restaurants, or more likely contemplating her next project!